The University of Louisville’s Graduate Certificate in Translation prepares qualified individuals proficient in both Spanish and English to work in the growing field of language service provision. 

Employment of interpreters and translators is projected to grow 46 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Employment growth will be driven by increasing globalization and by large increases in the number of non-English-speaking people in the United States. Job prospects should be best for those who have professional certification.

U of L’s program provides the technical skills, cultural understanding and real world experience necessary to begin a career in financial, legal, literary, medical and technical translation.


The Program

Translators work with a written text, transferring the content from one language to another. Translating well requires not only knowledge of both languages but also an understanding of the source and target cultures.

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Requirements for Admission

Applicants to the Graduate Certificate in Translation must demonstrate advanced proficiency in both Spanish and English. Prerequisites for admission include an undergraduate/baccalaureate degree granted by an institution of higher education or its equivalent (where Spanish or English is the language of instruction).

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